The unique feature of our training courses is the focused training content. A learner who has taken our courses stands out from the crowd. It is a great way to increase hire-ability and enhance career. Certificates earned demonstrate successful completion to peers and employer. We offer following two types of certificates:

Certificates of Completion

Upon the completion of a course, every learner will receive a certificate showing achievement for completing one of our focused learning course.  With a click of button this certificate can be added to a leaner’s LinkedIn profile. This will greatly enhance learner’s profile on LinkedIn.

Course completion certificate


Certificates of Passing 

After the completion of a self-paced training course, a learner can appear in an online examination. The examination is meant to test the  learner’s understanding of course contents and ability to perform practical tasks for which CAD models need to be submitted. After the evaluation by an examiner, the learner will be issued a certificate accordingly. The examination requires good knowledge and expertise to pass and therefore the certificate can provide proof for an employer or other institution that you have successfully completed the course.
This certificate requires a fee (55.00 USD ) to be paid separately. Please contact us if you would like to get this certificate.