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Top-Down Design Tools in Creo Parametric

Creo Parametric provides us very powerful Top-Down Design tools. If implemented properly, multiple design teams and designers can work on a project concurrently and communicate design data easily and quickly, with full confidence that all components will fit seamlessly into the final product. In this post we will look at what the tool Creo offers for implementing Top-Down design.

Posted in: Assembly Organization,
Tags: creo parametric, notebook, skeletons, top down design,
Organizing a design project: Bottom-Up and Top-Down approach

You are starting a new design project and wondering which method is best: Bottom-Up or Top-Down design approach. In this post we will first describe these two organizational paradigms used to manage product assemblies and then draw up broad guidelines for choosing the best approach for a design project.

Posted in: Assembly Organization,
Tags: bottom-up design, organizational paradigms, top down design,


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