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Finite Element Analysis Courses


Some tips for solving nonlinear problems in Abaqus

Obtaining a solution for nonlinear problems is always a challenge in any FEA software. It is very common to encounter convergence difficulties. Here are some tips to overcome such difficulties for the user of Abaqus.

Posted in: FEA,
Tags: Abaqus tips, advanced techniques, convergence difficulties, nonlinear problems,
load-displacement curve for problems with global instabilities
Solving problems with static instabilities in Abaqus

Often, we run into difficulties while solving a nonlinear FEA problem due to some instability in the system. Here I will review static instabilities and techniques available to solve problems with such instabilities.

Posted in: FEA,
Tags: contact stabilization, local instabilities, riks method, static instabilities,
Mesh Convergence: The modern way

Ignoring the mesh convergence´can lead the design process in wrong direction. Although error indicators can be requested to evaluate the mesh convergence, the unaveraged stress contour plot could be used as an alternative in cases where error indicator is not available due to software capability or simply because an analyst forgets to request error output variable.

Posted in: FEA,
Tags: discretization error, error indicator, mesh convergence,


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