Creo Top-Down Design

Skeleton model for remote Assembly of Finished Components Interlock details of mating components Eliptical cut for transmitter Cross-section of Remote Assembly Battery Compartment: Battery surface referenced from skeleton Skeleton Model for Mobile Phone Assembly of Mobile Phone Varying Thickess of Wall Cross-section of Mobile Phone Skeleton Model Assembly of Hand held product Cross-section of mating parts Assembly of mating parts Assembly of Housing Interlock details of mating components Single Skeleton Model for Multi Level Assembly Multiple Skeleton Models for Multi Level Assembly Air Cooler Skeleton Assembly of Air Cooler Breaking Part-to-Part references Referencing a pattern in the skeleton model Multiple Configurations of a Product Generating Multiple Configurations by Creating Family Table of Skeleton Reference Viewer: Identifying Part to Part references Full path display to references Reference Viewer: When the parents are not in session Defining Dimensions in Notebook Implementing Top-Down design approach to an existing assembly Mirroring parts Mirroring parts Four bar mechanism by using Motion Skeleton Four bar mechanism by using Standard Skeleton Crank slider mechanism pick and place mechanism

Top-Down Design is a methodology that starts at the highest level of a design concept and proceeds towards the lowest level. You start with the broad project specification in mind and put that information in a centralized location. Then you progress from this information to the individual parts. This makes it easy to design and manage large product assemblies. You can make changes from a central location that will propagate to all levels of the design

Creo Parametric provides us very powerful Top-Down Design tools. If implemented properly, multiple design teams and designers can work on a project concurrently and communicate design data easily and quickly, with full confidence that all components will fit seamlessly into the final product.

Course Overview

Top-Down Design course has been developed to teach a user all the tools, Creo Parametric provides for implementing the Top-Down design. The course offers numerous easy-to-follow tutorials. The self-study course starts from the very basic concepts and teaches advanced concepts step by step. After completing the course an Engineer or Designer will be able to start a real-world design project from concept and progress it to complete 3D definition. The course has been developed not only from software point of view but great emphasis has been laid on the implementation of the top-down design methodology to real products.

The training material is divided into following sections.

Each section is accompanied with exercises to practice the concepts learned. CAD models are accompanied for the user practice. Finished models are also supplied to compare the work done by the user.

Sample Chapter

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Creo 1.0

Creo 3.0

Creo 4.0

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