Abaqus Online Courses

Abaqus Courses

We offer extensive FEA courses for Abaqus users. These Abaqus courses are delivered online so you can access them right from your desk. The list of the courses that we offer is shown below:

Solving Contact Problems with Abaqus (Instructor-Led)

Solving Non-linear Problems with Abaqus (Instructor-Led)

Solving Non-linear Problems with Abaqus

The instructor-led courses are delivered in live online sessions during which it is possible to interact with the instructor. The training consists of theory, solved examples and assignments. These courses are aimed at engineers/analyst who have basic knowledge of FEA and want to learn further about advanced techniques in a practical way. It is expected that an attendee is familiar with the interface of  Abaqus. All the participants/subscribers will be given access to our learning management system so all information can be accessed online and anytime.

oring seal simulation in Abaqus
Simulation of an o-ring seal subjected to pressure of a fluid.

These courses aim to provide practical information to perform FE analysis in Abaqus, which is one of the best software. These course takes step-by-step approach and presents from introductory to advanced technique in a gradual way. All course adopt Problem-Based Learning approach. A large number of tutorials/exercises are presented providing intensive instructions to perform analysis. In the beginning simple problems are presented with the detailed description of appropriate techniques to solve it. Later in the course more complex problems are presented. CAE models are accompanied for the user practice. Finished models are also available for download.  During such analysis it is very common to face convergence difficulties. Quite a few tutorials are devoted to diagnose such difficulties and take the corrective action.

These course aim to provide practical information to perform finite element analysis in Abaqus. Only the basic theory that is necessary for an analyst involved in performing analysis using commercial software is presented.


Upon completion an attendee will receive a certificate showing the achievement for completing one of our focused course.