CAEUNI AB is located in Borås and provides engineering consultancy services in the area of nonlinear FEA, polymer testing and material characterization for CAE. We can characterize both the instantaneous and time dependent behaviors of materials. Whether you need to design a new product from scratch, optimize your existing design, solve a costly engineering problem, or simply require additional resources, CAEUNI will help you deliver. The following animations show our work involving elastomers.

flange joint for polyethylene pipe
x ring simulation
u-cup seal simulation
oring seal simulation
downhole packer seal simulation
Bulging of a rubber disc simulation
jounce bumper simulation
boot seal simulation
Bulging of a rubber disc simulation
jounce bumper simulation
Flange joint simulation
xring seal simulation
ucup seal simulation
o-ring seal simulation
packer seal simulation
rubber disc bulging simulation
jounce bumper light simulation
boot seal simulation
rubber disc bulging simulation
jounce-bumper simulation
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Finite element analysis (FEA) consulting services

We provide a complete range of finite element analysis (FEA) consulting services including structural and  thermal analyses. We have a wealth of expertise to analyze complex engineering problems. Our special expertise include: contact analysis, material and geometric nonlinearity. These capabilities enable us to provide top of the class services for simulation of complex problems.

Elastomers Finite Element Analysis

We have a wealth of experience to develop the finite element models involving the elastomeric components. The ability to model the  elastomer characteristics requires the knowledge of sophisticated material models. Furthermore FEA of elastomers requires the knowledge of advanced technique for non-linear analysis. Our expertise in this domain can help you to save time and resources.

Material Testing

We can carry out material testing for plastics and elastomers. The tests we can perform are as follows:

  1. Uniaxial Tension
  2. Planar (Pure) Shear
  3. Uniaxial Compression
  4. Volumetric Compression (Bulk Modulus)
  5. Compression Stress Relaxation
  6. Compression Creep Test
  7. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
  8. Thermal Conductivity and  Expansion Coefficient at different temperatures
  9. Fatigue Testing 

Material Characterization

To simulate the response of  elastomeric and plastic components, the characterization of materials is of utmost importance. The material should ideally be characterized for all deformation modes the component is expected to undergo. There are many material laws available to simulate the rubbers and elastomers, e.g. Neo-Hooke, Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden, Yeoh, Arruda-Boyce, etc. We have specialist software to generate material constants for a material model. Such material constants are usually validated by performing one-element test and by performing a test with a stress state different from used for calibration e.g indentation test.

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